VR Mental Health

Our vendors can provide programs that target specific issues and improve mental performance.

AtOne VR
Australia’s first-ever fully immersive VR mind fitness and meditation experience

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The AtOne Program includes experiences, tools and online training to support individuals and teams to build their mind fitness. 

AtOne VR aims to target anxiety, stress, recovery and lifestyle habits with meditations and visualisations. Several choices of scenery include real locations, virtual scenes, LED flicker lights. 

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Liminal Platform
An interactive, virtual reality platform designed to empower people


The experiences on the Liminal platform are developed by Liminal VR and their global network of partners, drawing on 8 years of research and development in fields as diverse as neuroscience and psychology, video games, music and cinema.

Liminal VR is constantly adding and ranking experiences and will be implementing new categories and features over time.