Immersive Tech Advice and Consultation


First, we scope out your needs.

Then, we'll gather Data, Research, Case Studies and the latest Insight from around the world.

Next, we'll create a Concept with multiple options and costs to suit your specific needs.

This includes:

  • Content, Hardware and Platform Choices

  • Existing Solutions vs Bespoke

  • Comparative Products Analysis

VR / AR Project Management

For many organisations, we find that the best solution is made by bringing together multiple sources and coming up with the best Integration and Implementation Strategy.

To do this, you need a large breadth of expertise to call upon. These days it means choosing the best Local Talent and Global Platforms.

​We can help you put it together.

  • Concept, UX and UI Design assistance

  • Content, Hardware and Platform Choices

  • Sourcing Components

  • Building the Project

  • Measuring and Evaluation Tools


Staff Support & Development


Part of any good Implementation Strategy is Training and Development of Staff

A great VR project is only as good as the people using it.

​We can help you with:

  • User Insight

  • Content, Hardware and Platform Training

  • Suitable for All Ages

  • Suitable for All Experience and Exposure Levels

  • Shallow or Deep Dive Skills Training


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