Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any warranty?
A: Yes, there is a 12-month warranty on all our products.

Q: Does it work with iPhone?
A: Yes, it does, both the Lumina headsets work with iPhone 4s and up. They also work with the iPod Touch.

Q: Where do I get the apps from?
A: You can get the apps from the Play Store or the Apple Store. If you search for “VR” on the application store, you can get the whole list. There are over 20,000 apps – they include games, experiences, educational apps, video apps etc.

Q: How much do I need to pay for the apps?
A: 95% of the apps for VR are FREE.

Q: Can I watch YouTube on it?
A: Yes, everything from YouTube can be watched on the Lumina Headsets. All you would need to do is hit the “View in Cardboard” button on the video settings and make sure that the video quality is above 720p.

Q: Can I watch my own videos on it?
A: Yes, you can view all of your own videos, in order to do the same, you would need to download a VR video viewer like ‘Homido’.

Q: Can it be connected to a computer?
A: Yes, the headsets can be connected to a computer, however, the primary screen/device that needs to be placed in the headset will always be a Smartphone. In order to connect it with the computer, we would need to have an app called Trinus on the phone and on the computer, Trinus will mirror the computer screen to the phone for VR viewing.